Anaesthetic Patient Experience Surveys


The Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) requires anaesthetists to obtain 100 ‘Practice Evaluation‘ points over a given CPD triennium.

40 of these 100 points must be sourced from two of the following:

  • patient experience survey
  • multi-source feedback
  • peer review of practice
  • audit of practice

Once completed, each of these practice evaluation assessments receives 20 points. If wanted, any of the above can be repeated in a given triennium to receive the required total of 40 Practice Evaluation points.

MedicalSurveys provides ANZCA anaesthetists from both Australia and New Zealand, with the ability to obtain valuable post-operative feedback from their patients via an online ‘Patient Experience Survey‘. The questions can be similar to those recommended by ANZCA or can be modified to your own requirements (conditions apply). We provide a standard patient satisfaction survey, a paediatric patient/parent satisfaction survey or a pain medicine patient survey.

You will receive your own unique URL (website page) that links to your specific questionnaire.

Your unique URL can then be distributed via:

  • text message (after prior patient consent)
  • email (after prior patient consent)
  • information card

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete and once we have received 15 survey responses we will act as your administrator to collate all of your results. We will then send a compilation of all your data as a PDF report, accompanied with a signed ‘Patient experience survey confidentiality and CPD verification form‘. This with a copy of your survey, that we will provide, can be uploaded to the ANZCA website to receive 20 Practice Evaluation points.

The cost of the survey is $275 and can be accessed through the PURCHASE button below.


“I used Medical Surveys Anaesthetic Patient Satisfaction Surveys and was very happy with the provision of service, speed of service, ease of use for patients and thought it was very reasonably priced. Feedback provided was very useful in terms of my own practice. The surveys meet ANZCA CPD requirements for Practice Evaluation”

Dr NOLA SCHENK (Melbourne)

“Painless and uploaded.
20 points collected.


“I thought the survey and final report were very well presented and found the whole system to be great. I will be using Anaesthetic Patient Satisfaction Surveys again”

Dr MALCOLM TYERS (Melbourne)